An Introduction

I’ll be honest in saying that I’ve written and rewritten this post more times than I care to admit. My perfectionist nature means every draft has been too serious, too pretentious, too formal, or just downright not good enough. Until I realised than I was trying way too hard to be impressive and not hard enough to be genuine, so I’ve decided to take a much more relaxed approach.

Hey! My name is Rosie, I’m an 18 year old A Level student from the UK. I’m in my second (and last) year at a college in Devon; studying English Literature, Media Studies, and Psychology. My favourite things to do are walking, photography, writing, reading, watching documentaries/films, and listening to music. I’m extremely passionate about most social issues, such as, feminism, politics, animal rights, and discrimination of any kind.

I’ve started this blog to voice the opinions and feelings I harbor but never seem to release. I’ll be writing about various issues ranging from my opinions on government, to how to successfully home-dye your hair. While I don’t have an upload schedule but I’ll attempt to force myself to write once a week – only time will tell how that goes – otherwise I’ll be writing whenever inspiration strikes.

I hope you stick around as there are some exciting posts to come!

See you soon, Rosie xx


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