Some New Years Resolutions

So to say it’s be a while would be a vast understatement, but I won’t bore you with the generic reasons for my absence; instead I’m starting 2017 off with a very generic topic – new years resolutions! I won’t draw this out and proclaim that I’m going to change my life in a year but there are a few little changes I’d like to make.

  1. Read more books. Until very recently it’d been several years since I’d read for pleasure – for a girl that could once get through a book in 3 days that’s insane – and I forgot how much I love reading. So in 2017 I’m aiming to read 20 books for pleasure by the end of the year. While this doesn’t seem like a huge amount I have to take into account my busy work life and the fact that I want to be starting university this year; regardless it’ll 20 more books than I read last year.
  2. Continue working on my mental health. At the very end of 2016 I finally made the decision to start therapy and commit to medication full-time and so far it’s going relatively well. As I know it’d be ridiculous to aim to be ‘recovered’ or ‘clean’, my only aim is that I continue working on my mental health issues for better or worse.
  3. Update this blog more. While this is probably the most predictable resolution on this list I genuinely want to blog more, both to develop opinions and be able to look back on my year. Although I posted a grand total of twice last year so we’ll see how that goes.
  4. Perfect a flat white. This is the most bizarre resolution on my list; but I currently work as a barista in a relatively well known coffee chain, and I can’t produce a nice flat white for the life of me. Flat white’s are notoriously known for their textured milk and delicate patterns, however no matter how many times I try mine seem to look more like abstract art.
  5. Pass my driving test. I’ve recently started taking driving lessons (at almost 20 I’m a bit late I know), and I’m hoping to have passed both my Theory and Practical Driving tests by the end of the year. It’d be great to finally not have to rely on public transport anymore.

Although I know these resolutions are ridiculously late in the year I’ll still be checking back in 2018 so see if I’ve achieved them.

Wish me luck!


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